Monday, April 21, 2008

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When I first heard about the Out from Under exhibit last spring I was really excited. Here is an interesting and engaging exhibit about an emotional and real issue.

The team at the Ryerson School of Disability Studies has done a fantastic job putting the exhibit together. It displayed last year at an abilities art festival and was so well received they were offered the opportunity to display this spring (April-July) at the Royal Ontario Museum.

It's a huge success and I think a really significant moment for historians in Canada. I think it demonstrates a real need for further research and study into the unique field of early abilities activists.

They have also done a great job putting together some podcasts which are available on the ROM's website and through iTunes. I've always considered podcasts as a great way to reach the visually impaired - in particular many aging Beaver magazine readers.

What they have done for this exhibit is provide a full podcast describing the exhibit (which is really worth the full listen) and a full video podcast that provides sign language for with hearing impediments. They have also provided large print pdf editions and written transcripts.

Not just in research, but in action, this exhibit is coming out from under.


Andrea Melvin said...

Hey Joel!
I am hoping to get over and visit this show. I am loving how accessible museums and galleries are becoming for people with disabilities - the MET and the Louvre for instance see to be leading the way. We just had a show over at the McIntosh Gallery at UWO which allowed for different ways to see and experience art. It explored sound, touch and enlarged artworks and vibrant colors. It was really cool.
Take care!
Andrea Melvin (from UWO)

Joel Ralph said...

Hi Andrea, thanks for the comment!

I actually just made it to the show myself last week and I really found it moving. Not only in content but in style, I think this is a really ground breaking exhibit.

I would love to know more about what you guys did at the McIntosh, that sounds really cool.