Thursday, July 26, 2007

How to Videos

As the experiments in the digital world continue this week I've been working on creating some how to videos for history teachers. YouTube already has lots for different subjects you can view and it's also a chance for me to try my hand at creating and uploading a video.

So with out further ado: How to Scan a War Letter!

Ok so it wasn't all that impressive and the video quality is a bit week, but everyone starts somewhere and I was happy with the audio quality. I also was able to do most of the work with a few programs that I downloaded like Audacity and my trusty mic, Snagit (a screen capture program), and my basic windows media editing file. There is definitely still lots to do, but fortunately Chris in our office here also put me on to

Great site, lots of fun stuff, and some really well made How to videos like these below. The bar has been set!

VideoJug: How To Share Your Digital Photos Online

VideoJug: How To Set Up Your Own Blog

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