Friday, September 04, 2009

Will my son skype with me?

I know it doesn't appear so on the blog, but things have been busy of late. My wife and I celebrated the arrival of our son Jack on August 12th, and we have been very busy since learning all about parenthood.

Last night though we had the chance to video Skype with my son's great-grandparents. It's pretty amazing to think that my wife's grandmother grew up in Cape Breton in a single home without electricity or running water. And here we are now video conferencing with them to introduce them to their newest great-grandson.

I can't imagine what my own son will be doing in 80 years from now, but it sure seems like the future will have to continue to build on this technology.

We have some really fun projects coming in the fall and the new year, so keep an eye out. I promise things are still going here.


Candace Nast said...

Awwwwww what a great photo. Congratulations!

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