Tuesday, April 28, 2009

History Canada Game

I have spent the last few days playing around with the History Canada Game. It's a scenario within the Civilization 3 game that explores the early settlement of Canada.

The group behind the project has just received a significant grant from the MacArthur Foundation in the United States to continue with the project development.

If you have Civilization 3 on your computer you can download and play the first scenario now. I purhcased Civ 3 online at Gamersgate.

I would be interested to know what experienced classroom teachers think about the project and the game. 


Mike Cosgrave said...

WEll, I like the idea - If you've read Kurt Squire's Phd, you'll know that setting up a lab of Civ3 is hard work, but it does pay off in the end, at least at second level. Where you can get hold of a lab and schedule a 2-3 hour session once a week for at least a term, this can be good.

However, if you can't get that time, it doesn't work. If you must cover a certain amount of syllabus specified content, you can't really take the time to get deeply engaged in a game like Civ3. Maybe this project will help to overcome that by linking the game scenario to course requirements.

In university, it is hard to see how I could find enough depth in Civ3 to commit an entire option module to it- because it needs that much time. I'm thinking about it, but I'm not quite sure I can write a set of university level learning outcomes for a Civ3 based course which I could defend to my Academic Board.

Prince said...

I think this game would be nice But I can't tell anything about in because I'm a student & studying at a community college for my college degree, So I can't say anything about it.

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