Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Political Junkie

I admit in my spare time I'm a pretty heavy political junkie. And I love the New York Times website for interactive and interesting online features. I will let you explore them on your own but the one I wanted to point out for History Teachers is a timeline of Democratic Conventions (I assume/hope the Republican one is on the way).

In one small presentation you could teach an entire class on the politics, economics, and social aspects of the United States since 1948. I found the 1956 convention in Chicago particularly interesting and wanted to point out Adlai Stevenson's speech at the end. How things have changed along the way.


Unknown said...

Thanks for linking this on your blog. I really think this would be very useful for any History or Government Class. I followed the link and your are right there is tons of good stuff on their site. Keep up the spread of useful info.

Joel Ralph said...

Thanks Ian, I really appreciate the note.