Friday, May 09, 2008

Digital History Newsletter

The 2008 Digital History Newsletter is finally complete and ready for sending. It's been a little quiet on the blog of late because I've been finishing it up. I'm sending it out this weekend but all you regular readers will get first dibs right here because I'm posting the link to the newsletter. You can check out all of the projects and lesson plans right HERE!

This project has been in the works for the better part of a year now compiling and rewriting lesson plans about Google Maps, Podcasting, Wikipedia, and Blogging. I'm hopeful that it helps inspire a handful of teachers to start integrating digital projects into their classroom activities.

Many of the projects I've discussed in the past on the blog, but I'm most excited about the Google Maps project following soldiers at war and explorers, as well as creating soundscapes through podcasts. I think really emphasize the types of new projects that can be done online, as opposed to simply writing an essay and putting it up. I think the soundscape especially would challenge students to think about historical events in a way that is both fun and challenging.

Of course it's all just kind of a rough plan at the moment, but we will see where we go from here. I'm already planning our first webinar (see post to follow) and some fun projects for the fall. Enjoy!

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