Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Google Maps: Canada at War

With Remembrance Day coming up soon there are some really interesting opportunities to learn about military history through Google Maps. Often students are given photocopies of maps and asked to use pencil colors to map out battles or an entire war.

With Google Maps students can create their own maps of the war. They can use battalion, unit, and individual diaries to provide information about locations. In this case I've created a demonstration using a really general map of D-Day, but you can really be as specific as you want depending on the source.

You can also use these to track aircraft flights and convoy routs, or follow an individual soldier through the entire war - Where were they stationed stationed? What Battles did they participate in?

Not only is this more fun that pencil crayons, but your students will also be creating a map that can actually be of help to people visiting those sites. And, while I've started in Europe, there is no shortage of military history sites in Canada that can also be used.

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